Do Orthodontist Fix Chipped Teeth?

Are you embarrassed by chipped teeth and need to have them fixed? Don’t worry, dental help is closer than you think. If you live in Portage, MI, orthodontics treatment is available for you at Kwong Orthodontics. Dr. Thomas Kwong will use his professional skills to keep your teeth properly aligned.

What is an Orthodontist?

An orthodontist is a dental specialist that can diagnose, prevent, and treat problems affecting your teeth alignment. When you have a severe overbite, an underbite, or crooked teeth, you will need to visit an orthodontist for help. Orthodontists may use different types of tools and appliances to straighten your teeth. They often suggest metal braces, clear aligner trays, or retainers that gradually move your teeth into desired positions over time.

Do Orthodontists Fix Chipped Teeth?

If you have problems with chipped teeth, an orthodontist can help minimize the likelihood of your teeth further chipping. They can also reduce the likelihood of teeth chipping or becoming cracked due to a bad bite. When you visit our office for orthodontics treatment in Portage, MI, Dr. Kwong will assess the state of your teeth. If you have a bad bite or alignment, he will make the right suggestion for treatment.

When you have a bad bite or misaligned teeth, it can cause your teeth to chip or crack when you bite down improperly. Based on the seriousness of your bite, our local dentist may recommend a clear aligner or braces. He may also suggest you sleep using a retainer at night. Dental retainers help to prevent teeth grinding, which is a cause of nighttime tooth damage.

If you suffer from chipped or cracked teeth, don’t hesitate to consult with your local dental professional right away. Kwong Orthodontics is your local source for professional orthodontics care in Portage, MI. Dr. Kwong is here to assist you and correct any acute oral issues that can harm the state of your teeth. Call us at (269) 327- 4459 for a consultation today.