How Orthodontics Can Treat Impacted Teeth

As the teeth grow in, it can sometimes lead to impacted teeth, which is when your teeth are not able to properly grow in without additional help. It’s common for the canine teeth to be impacted when dealing with improper growth of baby teeth. Dr. Thomas Kwong at Kwong Orthodontics in Portage, MI, can explain how orthodontics can guide teeth into the proper positions and help treat your impacted canines and keep your smile looking aligned and healthy.

How Orthodontics Can Treat Impacted Teeth

There are many different ways that orthodontics from your orthodontist in Portage, MI, can help treat impacted teeth. Your orthodontist will first assess the severity of your issue to determine what the best form of treatment for your smile would be.

One form of treatment is for your orthodontist to perform a simple surgery that will open up the gum and expose a small part of the impacted tooth. Once the tooth is exposed, a small ring is attached to the tooth and connected to braces with a small chain. The tension from the chain will help to slowly pull your tooth out from the gums and into the proper position. Once the tooth has fully come down, regular braces can be used to properly align your teeth.

Another form of treatment is with Invisalign. This usually requires a less severe situation and other treatments may be required to make you eligible. Once the impacted tooth is brought down, treatment can continue with the use of Invisalign for a discreet form of treatment. This will help push your teeth into the correct positions and give you the full smile that you deserve.

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If you struggle with impacted canines, you should be sure to contact your orthodontist to learn about how you can correct your smile and fix your impacted teeth. Contact Dr. Thomas Kwong at Kwong Orthodontics in Portage, MI, to learn more about orthodontics and how they can help your impacted canines. Call today at (269) 327-4459.